Born in Portugal, father of a 3 year old boy. Since 2000 Pramod has worked as a facilitator of personal development events. He is a Bioenergetics Therapist formed by Namaste Center (, in Brasil. Pramod also integrates Humaniversity psychology (, where he lived for four years, the Shamanic inspiration from his experience with the Amazonian Indians and the work of Osho ( He is a Practitioner and instructor of Martial Arts, Contact-Improvisation and Theatre and has an MBA and a background in Naval engineering. Speaks fluent English, French and Spanish and also communicates in Italian and Japanese.

In 2000
Pramod creates the He also participated in the founding of the, EVOE and SOU (in Lisbon) and for 20 years led the Portuguese Taido Association. In 2010 he co-founds the BIOTribe, a collective of bioenergetics therapists.


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"I Popped up in Portugal in 1966, as a child I believed to be extraterrestrial and dreamed of Tibet and what was beyond the material reality.

At 7 years old, more than wanting to learn to how to fight, it was the willingness to transcend something I did not fully understand then, that led me to practice Japanese martial arts and with them the Za Zen. Then I adopted a Japanese father, traveled to Japan for years and learned the language, customs and how to hide my heart behind a neutral face,  becoming Japanese in my soul. I continued to practice my mind thoroughly, got a degree in naval engineering and obtained an MBA.

I always loved dancing, and watch  contemporary dance regularly, thinking: "... it is too late to start ...", then I met contact-improvisation and a new dimension opened for me, for the first time I enjoyed a state  of presence that I had not known until then, a place where I existed beyond thought into the pure pleasure of creating goals without utilities, without the control of the mind where the body reveals what it can really do.

This quality, Meditation, began to inspire all aspects of my life, and I got to know Osho and his encouragement to be myself. I decided to be more responsible for my way, stop trying to be Japanese and started intensive work to learn more about who I am. After years of participating in group workshops in Portugal, I headed to the Netherlands, where for four years I studied Humaniversity psychology with Veeresh.

Then I moved on to meet friends connected to the Mayans and American Indians "shamanic" traditions, traveled to the Amazon jungle and to the Peruvian Andes, experienced many ancient rituals and inspire myself with my Iberian ancestors into creating rituals. Allways focused on learning about how to be a man, connecting with my heart, and  with the universal breathing.

In 2009 I met Prem Milan and Namaste, a center of Bioenergetics therapy and meditation  in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and I let myself get inspired. In January 2010 I went to participate in the "father and mother" process and I graduated in bioenergetics therapy, and became a staff member of the "father and mother" process. The community where they live, Osho Rashana, is like the embodiment of my vision of life, a place where I feel at home in the middle of seekers.

My childhood dream was to be a "caveman", able to live independently in the top of the mountain, in the woods. I see now that this came from my desire to hide in a hole, as I felt inadequate. Right now I feel that what I have learned and experienced has been to gain courage and ability to follow my visions of getting back to basics, to the simplicity, to be relaxed in all my relationships.

My creativity leads me today to work finding and sharing the union of all these teachings and inspirations, always continuing to invest in anything that expands my consciousness and  living according to it.

In 2009 all this brought me to the BioTribe, the Portuguese Association of Bioenergetics Therapy &Research, which in 2012 materialized in a beautiful house and community in the center of Lisbon, where I live and work among seeker friends. This center was born out of our need for a meeting and creation space with borders and boundaries ever expanding and growing, where we could live, work, play and create together with free human beings who grow, make mistakes and share themselves as total as they are . "