Workshops & Retreats :: Discover yor full potencial!



Who are you? A name? A Profession? What you own? That's the question! The search for the answer gives us more clarity and confidence in any decision or step in life. This work is a way of going deeper into your personal development and help you get an answer now and move on into a fullfilled and abundant life.


Using Bioenergetics, Meditation, Xamanism and emocional expression practice, Pramod will guide you through several continously connected weekend groups spread along the year, each one a complete process in itself.


We want to create a safe experimenting space and build a "tribe" energy. The group acts as a support to each and everyone's process, working together, taking care of the phisical space and giving constant back-up and support to the individual path. What we learn about ourselves through others is an essencial part of the all process.



Whom is this for?


Adults who search for a better self-knowledge, wellbeing and higher life quality. Independently of sex, physical abilities or movement experience.


They are also special suited for therapists and group facilitators and professionals in movement and voice related areas (dance, theatre, cinema & TV, musicians and singers, plastic and martial artists)