Bioenergetics Therapy & Active Meditation


"Encounter happens with will and at least two presences, it is not possible when two absences try to find something on the other side where nothing exists.


In my work I see myself as an activator of doors you may choose to open and take a deeper honest look into yourself. My objective is to tell my personal history, show you what I can do, inviting you to join me so that we walk part of the path together, growing in the process. Dance, Trust and Celebrate. Fall in love with yourself!





Activities of the Encounters:


All the work of the Encounters is based upon Bioenergetics Therapy, the terapeutical work developed by Alexander Lowen & Prem Milan, unblocking the body, freeing our vital energy and joy. Through emocional expression, breathing, voice and movement, it allows you to live your sexuality and criativity to its plenitude.


It is divided into three main complementary paths with interconnected objectives and intensities:


1) Regular individual Bioenergetics sessions:  Individual therapy goes deep into YOUR onw life process, it is the back bone of all the work you can do in yourself, giving it continuity and a greater chance of integrating it the changes your life.


2) Regular Bioenergetics group sessions: Group therapy boosts your progress, by giving you the opportunity to share and learn from other people's experiences and learning processes, first you meet with yourself than the Encounter can really happen:

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3) Group Workshops: Several full days group work, allows you to integrate in depth all the experiences and gives us another level of intensity, which is then important to maintain with the regular work. A personal development course based in Bioenergetics. We  detach ourselves from the habitudes of our daily routines, and dive more deeply into self knowledge. Be the master of yourself, discover new aspects of your self-esteem and self-aceptance.


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What about Meditation?...


Meditation permeates all the work, it is nothing more than the practice of living the present moment, the only real one, or simplifying, to LIVE. Bionergetics prepares the path and then we also use several meditation techniques (mostly active) like OSho's or...


The AUM social meditation sessions. Emotional practice with friendship has its goal.


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What about the Rituals?...


Pramod has been  inspired around the world with ancient practices in which he participated, the sweat lodge and sacred saunas, also known as Inipi (North America) or Temazcal (South America), the Trance Dance, he synthesized into Energy Trance, the plant diets in the amazonic jungle of Peru... All of them inspire him to make a bridge between the ancient wisdoms and the present context.


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& Dance?...


Life can be seen as a dance, which represents the total imersion in the moment. Dance in itself, without any utility or porpose other then the expression of your moment, is allwys present as Pramod is a contact improvisation, african dance and conscious trance lover, among others...





Pramod takes his work all over the world, nevertheless most of the time he works and lives at the BIOTribe center in Lisbon (


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