Easy Motion - Criative Movement


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Pramod Miguel Bento presents his dance and his song, the synthesis of his colourful personal experience.


"We start in search of renewed harmony, the body integrated in the space we move in. Our meditative being living each instant of present in all its intensity, building foundations for a safe and happy creation."


Easy Motion starts with  the search of our complete presence, through meditations created and guided by Pramod, by Osho's active meditations, sufi chakra breathing or others. Point of departure for experimentation and personal discovery, for the discovery of the physical world, reaching others and our creative movement.


Then in Easy Motion we work through the practice of a form of Contact-Improvisation, the fusion of all the methods that Pramod works with: creative movement and body rebalancing techniques  (contact-improv, body-mind-awareness, shiatsu, yôga etc), japanese martial arts (judo, kempo and taido), chinese martial arts (toa and flor-de-lótus kung-fus, nunchaku and tai-chi), and also voice & singing techniques, discovering our true voice, rediscovering easiness.

Dancers, Actors, Circus people, Gimnasts, Martial Artists, or you who want to dance more and better or didn't even dare to start.