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Regular Sessions


Bioenergetics Therapy

Individual and Group sessions

With Pramod


Bioenergetic body exercises are linked with breathing, moving and making a sound. Alexander Lowen, a disciple of Wilhelm Reich, Freud's disciple, created them on the assumption that when the child is required to suppress the expression of feelings (which is to suppress the feeling itself), develops body blockages  corresponding to the emotion that were suppressed, thus reducing the mobility and vitality of the body. Unexpressed emotions throughout our lives are contained in our body, forming contractures, the muscular armour.


Bioenergetics opens up the opportunity to transform our lives.


Individual and Group Sessions @ Rua Ana de Castro Osório 6A, Lisboa (Behind the building, climbing up the stairs in a square with 2 snack bars facing each other. Next to Colombo Shoping mall, 330 m from subway Colégio Militar/Luz), and workshops all over the country and world.



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(+351) 91 461 33 23





17th April to
26th Jun




Osho Active Meditation School

April 2018

with Pramod




23rd JANUARY to 27th MARCH 2018, 10 sessions in Two Months, once a week every Tuesday 8:00 pm-10.30 pm. The School can be done in whole or parcially and there is also the possibility of scheduling substitution sessions for those classes you can not attend.

9 Osho active meditation methods, and 1 Osho Humaniversity Social Active Meditation, each with a diferent usage. Osho Active Meditations are a tool that can support you in various issues such as anxiety, emotional stress, depression, difficulties of speech, or the attain your objectives more effectively and with greater enjoyment.



" If you are able to sit , the meditations will not be necessary. But can you sit and do nothing? That is the big question . "

The active meditations strengthens, energizes and are antidepressant. The accumulated stress in our body and mind, makes it difficult to reach the meditative state. To access our center of inner strength, we must first free our tensions .

The Osho Active Meditations are designed to enable us to consciously express our repressed feelings and from there , enter a meditative state that allows the observation and consequent change of our automatic patterns .

" Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure that the human mind can undertake. Meditation is simply being , without doing anything - no action , no thought, no emotion. You just are, and it is pure pleasure. And where does this pleasure come from, if you're doing nothing? It does not come from anywhere, or it comes from everywhere. That pleasure has no reason. As existence is made of a material called joy ... "

Pramod uses meditation as a complement to the therapeutic work. Meditation deepens the knowledge we have of ourselves, and active meditations are a practical tool that can easily be used in our day- to-day .

Effects of daily practice of Active Meditations :

Stress reduction
more energy
more creativity
more vitality
more health
Greater understanding of yourself and others
Live more in the only real moment , this
State of joy and peace


NOTE: All the sessions may be done isolated or you can buy a 5 session pack.


Rua Ana de Castro Osório 6A, Lisboa (Behind the building, climbing up the stairs in a square with 2 snack bars facing each other. Next to Colombo Shoping mall, 330 m from subway Colégio Militar/Luz)


OSHO is a registered trademark of Osho International Foundation, used with permission, www.osho.com/trademarks 

Some material used here (images and text excerpts) is Copyright © OSHO International Foundation, www.osho.com/copyright


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(+351) 91 461 33 23




By appointment



Bow & Arrow Classes

with Pramod @ Crew Hassan



Focus, Presence, Atitude, sure Fun! beautiful Meditation.


"Instinctive Archery appeared in my life course after going through a whole series of intense meditation experiences and emotional expression. And that's why I invite you for, a meditation practice. Here the shooting aim in more than using just your vision, will be a feeling in the body, an excitement, you'll learn how to refine your conscience, to focus, to notice that any thought will change the shot, error no longer exists, it is an important learning." (Pramod)

Parallel to the Archery practice and before that, at each session we will do emotional expression, bioenergetics and active meditation practices, which will help you getting into a state of relaxation and real presence and then apply it directly to the instinctive shot and why not in your life too?
Monthly once a week or a single classe With João Freitas @ BIOTribe Center.

Wether you are an archer looking to improve your technique or a beginner wanting to learn, or you only need a shooting lane to practice, we has room for you!

Regardless of the type of bow (compound, recurve, longbow , etc. ) or crossbow (recurve or compound) that you have, all are welcome to practice at our center .

Classes are held at our premises. We have a maximum distance of 15 meters and a width of 6 meters, allowing about 3 practitioners simultaneously.

Session all week, by appointment with
(+351) 914 613 323 (Whatsapp)

VALUE (Includes arch and arrows loan):
One to one lesson: 1 hour - € 25/person
Scheduled group session: 1 hour - € 15/person
4 lessons card : € 80 (to be used in 2 months time max)

To sign up transfer the cost to

Luis Miguel Simões Iron Bento
NIB - 0018 0000 2994 8769 0012 9

send email with your data (your name, event name and phone number) and proof of transfer to info.biotribe@gmail.com or take it with you on the day of the event .



Rua Ana de Castro Osório 6A, Lisboa (Behind the building, climbing up the stairs in a square with 2 snack bars facing each other. Next to Colombo Shoping mall, 330 m from subway Colégio Militar/Luz)


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(+351) 91 461 33 23








Lisbon Contact Improvisation


Contact Improvisation (CI) is an improvised dance with two or more people. There are few rules in this dance but the challenge is basic: to be in movement with another body, to share weight, balance and imbalance, and everything else that can be an inspiration to create at the moment of dance.

The classes are aimed at all who want to explore the basic challenges of this dance regardless of the degree of experience they have. Anand Pramod and Rita Vilhena coordinate this practice at CILXJam together with other invited teachers.

It is up to the teacher to guide you through specific body movement and sensitization techniques so that we can expand a spontaneous and creative body.

Quinta da Luz @ R. Ana de Castro Osório 6A, Lisboa (In the back of the building. When you reach a square with 2 snackbars in front of each other with a stairway in the middle, climb the stairs, turn left and it's in the end corner, a Acupuncture Schooll with dark iron bars. Next to Colombo shopping mall, subway Colégio Militar/Luz)

+351 91 461 33 23 (Pramod - Whatsapp)
+351 92 731 01 07 (Rita - Whatsapp)

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(+351) 91 461 33 23



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Intensive Group Work - Retreat Groups



Info / Place



3 days retreat!

11th to 14th Oct



Sexuality - A Bioenergetics Retreat

3 days with Pramod & Ana Lev

There is much more, but really much more! Do you think Sexuality is all this that you’re living now? No, it is much more. And the importance of it is even greater. Didn’t you notice that all the economy revolves around sexual images? All societies have rigid rules based on sexuality, violence is shown in the open, while making love has to be hidden. Why do you think society represses sexuality so much? Satisfied and happy people cannot be manipulated or used, they are free people. Your life needs a lot, a lot more, and a better quality sex. If you look at the last time you were in love, you will remember that sexuality was much stronger then. Why is it that in everyday life it cannot be like this, like when you were in love? It is this answer that you will find in this Retreat. Surely, after this weekend, your sexual capacity and your sensuality will increase a lot. Seeing is believing, or rather, trying is believing! Gifts only fall from the sky in the election season. In real life you need to battle for every precious pearl you have or want to own. This is not a precious pearl, it is a diamond. Expand your ability to enjoy pleasure!

A retreat is a weekend workshop, far from your daily life routines, toghether with a group of people with similar intentions. From Friday night until Sunday afternoon, then at night or in the next day you go home. Bioenergetics techniques and Active Meditation, among others, are used, to help you to get in touch with your sexuality and break the blocks that prevent you from getting more from life. Bioenergetics and Active Meditations are exercises that work with breathing and body movements, there are no sexual structures between the participants.

Born in Portugal, father of 2 year old boy. He has been working with Personal Development since 2000. Graduated in Bioenergetics Therapy from the Namaste Centre in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he lived and worked intensively with Bioenergetics and with his Sexuality. He studied and lived at the Humaniversity Therapeutic Centre in the Netherlands. He draws inspiration from Osho and his experience with Amazonian Indians. Teaches and learns Osho Active Meditation, Martial Arts and Contact-Improvisation. He studied Naval Engineering and has an MBA.

In 2000 Pramod creates the www.EncontrosDoUmbigo.com. He participated in the founding of the Dance-Theatre-Performance schools www.c-e-m.org,www.evoe.pt and www.sou.pt, and led the Portuguese Association of TAIDO. In 2010 he co-founded BIOTribe, a Bioenergetics Therapy and Active Meditation Centre.



Portuguese northern woman, mother of two, lover, anarchist, artist, artisan, self-taught, doula, Reiki, Rebirthing, experimentalist, passionate, adventurous, lover of Life, at the service of herself and of the Great Mother. Needs physical touch as well as air to live. Human being who believes that Life is this wonderful opportunity to celebrate and experience, to dare to be and to do, to go beyond our comfort zone, to know who we are and to faithfully follow the voice of our heart

From Thurs October 11th at 8pm, to Sunday October 14th at 5pm

It can be done via skype, messenger or some other video app, or if not possible by telephone.

(+351) 91 461 33 23 (Whatsapp)

VALUE (3 days Retreat, Food and Lodging included)
350 euro 

EARLYBIRD - end of May 2018: 300 euro


Deposit 50 € to secure your reservation, deductible in the total amount. Refundable up to 15 days before the start of the Retreat. Non refundable for those who sign up to get the price reduction (EARLYBIRDs).

Transfer the money to

Luis Miguel Ferro Simões Bento
IBAN - PT50 0018 0000 2994 8769 0012 9
Bank SantanderTotta

and send email with your data, name of the event and proof of transfer to Pramod@encontrosdoumbigo.com.

Quinta do Pouchão is located in the Central Portugal, Santarém District, between the city of Abrantes and the village of Sardoal, just 20 kilometers south of the geodesic center of Portugal. It has the best road accesses, namely the Beira Interior motorway (A23), which connects the northern motorway, next to Torres Novas, to the city of Guarda, which passes near the south of the property.


Quinta do Pouchão - Abrantes Portugal

It is also served by the Beira Baixa railway line, with Alferrarede stations (5.7 kilometers from the site, by road) with the regional service, and Abrantes (9.5 kilometers) with fast service.

In terms of distances and travel time, Quinta do Pouchão is only 1 hour and 15 minutes from Lisbon by motorway (A1 and A23), or about 2 hours by road (N118, N3 or N2). It is also 2 hours from Porto (A1, A13 and A23), 1h15m from Guarda (A23) and 3h15m from Faro.

Pedro Oliveira - 91 876 65 49 
Sofia Pérez - 93 927 53 38
Email: solarquintadopouchao@gmail.com
Quinta do Pouchão, caminho do Pouchão, 2200 Abrantes
(Coordinates GPS: 39º30’10,7” N / 8º10’06,5” O)


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(+351) 91 461 33 23





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Group Sessions/Events



Info / Place



19th April



AUM Social Meditation - Emotional Fitness with Pramod

Spring Time!





The only time that exists is the HERE and NOW, grab it with this unique Social meditation structure. The AUM is dancing, emotional expression, meeting. A social event to reconnect with yourself and others, along with this special vibration we can create a unique encounter.


AUM Meditation was designed by Veeresh, one of the oldest disciples of Osho, founder of the Humaniversity. It is a social meditation lasting two and a half hours, 12 stages accompanied by music, where we learn more about our emotions, through the expression of diverse moods, going from one polarity to the opposite.

The AUM is based on the understanding that in order to achieve silence, the western mind first needs to get rid of tension and stress.

The stages of meditation are highly active and interactive, leading us on a journey to our inner self. Our fellow meditation partners become mirrors in which we can see ourselves clearly. It will be a process with a wide range of emotional expressions, bioenergetics exercises, dancing and meeting.

In this meditation we will ...
- Explore the polarities of human behavior through a dynamic interaction with the group.
- Get in touch with our power and vitality
- Transform stress into creativity and well-being

AUM gives us more energy and is healthy for body, mind and spirit. At the end of this structure we enjoy life in a different way and experience a deep sense of warmth and relaxation, and there is time to love and celebrate.


- Light and comfortable clothes
- Extra T-shirt
- Large water bottle

A.U.M related link www.humaniversity.nl


Please transfer the money to

Luis Miguel Ferro Simões Bento 
NIB - 0018 0000 2994 8769 0012 9

send email with your data (your name, event name and phone number) and proof of transfer to Pramod@encontrosdoumbigo.com or take it with you on the day of the event .


€ 15 For subscriptions transferred until two days before, 20 € after


Prodança dance school
Rua São Domingos à Lapa, 8 - N
1200-835 Lisboa


(+351) 91 461 33 23 (Whatsapp)

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(+351) 91 461 33 23