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What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetic body exercises are linked with breathing, moving and making a sound. Alexander Lowen, a disciple of Wilhelm Reich, Freud's disciple, created them on the assumption that when the child is required to suppress the expression of feelings (which is to suppress the feeling itself), develops body blockages corresponding to the emotion that were suppressed, thus reducing the mobility and vitality of the body. Unexpressed emotions throughout our lives are contained in our body, forming contractures, the muscular armour.

For example, when as child, you got angry, you learned not express your anger, or you would be punished. To contain this anger, you needed to create tension in your body while changing your breathing. Probably you would tighten the jaws and paralyze the diaphragm in breathing, and sometimes also contract the neck. These tensions, when repeated, became chronic.

Another example: a child is sad and feels like crying, but his crying often bothers parents, then he learns to restrain it, closing the chest, projecting shoulders forward and decreasing the breathing. Later, when adult, even if there are no reasons to contain his emotions, that person will find it difficult to cry and to express other feelings such as love, joy and passion.

Bioenergetics can help unlock this expression, because through exercises and body postures and breathing techniques, it unblocks these locks.


There are exercises for all parts of the body: eyes, mouth, neck, chest, diaphragm, pelvis, legs and feet. The exercises allow the release of repressed energy through tears, laughter, catharsis and spontaneous vibration of the body. These experiences relieve tensions, giving us the opportunity of becoming aware of our automatic behaviours, and thus being able to modify them. This way we can be more real, more spontaneous and more aware.

Typically, individual sessions lasting 1h15min, starting with a talk about your history and present moment, followed by the bioenergetics exercises, a cool down and an integrative talk in the end, very often childhood memories come up connected to present behaviour patterns.

We also have 2h regular group sessions and workshops of several days. These are the three levels which form the growth spiral and are complementary to one another. The individual sessions focusing on your personal process being the main structure of the process, the group sessions bringing the social component, here the individual experience is enhanced by the group energy, we all learn from each other, then the workshops take this to a deeper and more integrated level.

You might ask, "Why do I need this?". You are a reflection of how you were brought up in your infancy. If you build a building with a crocked foundation, it will not do any good in focusing on the finishing without correcting the foundations. So is the human being. If we have difficulty with situations, they are a reflection of our growth. Therefore, if we do not liberate the feelings trapped in childhood situations, we can hardly change the behaviours detrimental to our life. Bioenergetics opens up this opportunity: to transform our lives.


Daily sessiona & Weekly Group @ R. Ana de Castro Osório 6A, Lisboa (Next to Colombo shoping mall, subway Colégio Militar/Luz).


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