AUM Social Meditation :: Regular Emocional Practice


An healthy human being is someone  who is able to express any emotion in any given situation. In order to do that, as with any other quality we want to develop in ourselves, our emotional fitness requires regular practice! The AUM is pure emotional practice! The 14 stages feature a variety of emotional expression, Bio-energetic exercises, dance and encounter. You move from one extreme to the other, to come finally to a deep inner silence. Then you are ready to meet each other with an open loving heart. This  highly active and interactive meditation takes you on a rollercoaster ride into yourself. Your co-meditators become mirrors in which you will be able to see yourself clearly.

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The AUM, Awareness Understanding Meditation, has been designed by Veeresh, the leader of the Humaniversity in the Netherlands. It is based on the understanding that in order to be silent, the western mind first needs to get rid of tension and stress.


The AUM is an ideal opportunity to refresh old friendships and create new ones. It gives energy, you get rid of tension and stress, it heals wounds, it is healthy for body, mind and spirit, and it gets you in touch with your power and vitality. You acquire a taste for life again! At the end of this structure you experience a deep sense of warmth and relaxation.


The full AUM will be included in a process of aproximately 5 hours, the party begins and the AUM goes on. After that it's sharing and celebrating time together, with food and drink that we will arrange for you.


The minimum number of persons will be 10, therefore it is important for you to book until two days before the session.


What to bring:



Comfortable and light clothes


Extra T-shirts


Big water bottle


For more information about AUM meditation, or if you would like to organize one, please contact :


The Bellybutton Encounters

(+351) 91 461 33 23


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The AUM Meditation in detail:


FIRST STAGE: Return to Hell (Anger)


The first stage is a safe space to put out all your negativity, all your frustrations, and all your hate. The goal is to get closer to your emotions and closer to people. You take a powerful stand like samurai. Standing in front of another person, you make fists. You look into the eyes of that person and you shout with all your power, "No! Enough! I wont take it anymore! I hate you!...", allowing your speech to flow trying not to judge. Continuously exhaust yourself in shouting out "I hate you!" and encounter as many people as possible. There is no need to listen to what the other person shouts at you. You are only focused on bringing out all YOUR negativity.


 It opens the door for love. If you really want to come close to people, you need to put all your energy in this first stage. It helps to unload all your stress, your fears, and your insecurities. It gives you power to experience yourself as a shouting thunderstorm.



SECOND STAGE: Heaven (Love)


In the second stage you turn your total energy around. With the same intensity which you have expressed your negativity, you now say: "I LOVE YOU". You stand in front of someone - hold the hands, look into their eyes and say, "I love you" and then you change over and hug. Express all the love and appreciation that is in you towards the others, especially go to those you shouted at the most during the first stage.


 You will feel nourished by allowing yourself to express your love to others and you will feel nourished by hearing that you are lovable.



THIRD STAGE: Second Wind (Renewed energy)


Together with everybody here you run with arms up, knees lifted high and with flat feet making earth contact. It is almost like jogging on the spot. It will not take very long until you experience THE SECOND WIND. A new physical energy, a lightness in your body, that helps you to continue to run even more easily than before. You are encouraged to stay connected with the others: look at each other, make a sound and feel the support.


 You will feel your physical power and that you can go over your limits.



FOURTH STAGE: Kundalini Rising (Shaking)


We start with the feet grounded on the floor and let the whole body shake. Start with the knees, the hips, and let your whole body follow. Remember to keep you head and jaw loose. Your eyes are closed.


 It helps to loosen all the tensions in the body. You can overcome all your stiffness: physically and mentally. You will feel revitalized and fresh.



FIFTH STAGE: Cuckoo's nest


Move, breathe and make a sound. Whatever you do is alright: scream & shout, cry, jump, do a tantrum, hit a mattress. Whatever it is that has to be expressed, let it all come out. Be totally mad, as mad as you can be. Be aware that you don't hurt yourself and others. You can express your madness with your eyes closed, or you can show it to each other


 Only when you can express your madness, you stay sane.





It is time to celebrate. Enjoy yourself dancing with eyes open or closed. Dance in a relaxed way; let the body move with the music. Whatever it is that you feel, express it through your body and celebrate whoever you are.


 Do this stage totally and ecstasy will come up from within you.





Sit by yourself or with someone else and allow yourself to cry. You may not feel like crying right away, but you can make a soft sound of crying. You can think of all the pain in your life, of all that you really feel sad about. Hold yourself softly in your own arms or hold a partner and let the tears come up.


Crying helps the brain chemistry to change from depression to feeling good.





Switch your energy around and laugh. If you feel serious, you need to start to act as if you where not. Laugh, giggle, move, make a sound. Make your friends laugh around you. Be gentle, soft and sensitive.



 To be happy is your birthright!



NINTH STAGE: Dance of the Lovers


Dance in a sensitive, sensual and sexy way with each other or by yourself. You decide what feels good and you can choose to stay or move on to a new experience with someone else at any moment.



 The dance of the lovers is a chance to experience your sexy side.



TENTH STAGE: Center of the Universe


Stand in a circle, look in the light of the candle in the middle, and chant the sound of AUM.



The sound integrates your experiences of the meditation. It is the sound of the universe. When you chant the AUM, you can feel that you are one with existence.





Sit on your own, with your eyes open or closed. Enjoy doing nothing.


Sitting silently, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself.





TWELFTH STAGE: Namaste and Hugging



Go to everybody, look into the eyes of the other, hold your hands in Indian greeting position and say, "NAMASTE." Then you hug. Meet everyone that is in the room.


 Namaste means: I recognize and greet the Buddha in you.